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Rotatable Drum Filter

Rotatable Drum Filter

Stainless steel rotatable drum filters are used to remove the big particles in the ETP water produced by the processing industries.

Rotatable Drum Filter in Chennai
Rotatable Drum Filter in Chennai
Rotatable Drum Filter in Chennai


  •   It has separate motor and gearbox for its automation process
  •   Variable size of drum filter depending upon water quantity
  •   Full stainless steel material to avoid corrosion
  •   Long lasting nylon cast wheel for rotation
  •   Safety guards chain sprocket and motor.


  •   TSS load reduction in primary treatment
  •   TSS reduction rates up to 30% for filterable solids
  •   Cost effective solid removal system
  •   Low head loss even when the screens are fouled
  •   Precise, specially sized solids filtering system
  •   Continuous filtering even during backwashing with no interruption in flow
  •   Small foot print
  •   304 stainless steel corrosion resistant frame
  •   Sieve type is perforated metal screen.


  •   Aquaculture
  •   Agriculture
  •   Municipal waste water treatment
  •   Food processing
  •   Landfill leachate control
  •   Power plants.